Lavanila Debuts All-Natural Baby Care Line at Sephora – Moms & Babies – Moms & Babies

We treat our skin with the very best products, so it only makes sense that we’d do the same for our babies, right? That’s the thinking behind Lavanila‘s new chemical-free Healthy Baby Collection, sold exclusively at Sephora.

All of the baby products (body wash, lotion, diaper rash cream, sunscreen) contain 30 vitamins and minerals that nourish and smooth skin.

“They’re like a multivitamin for the skin,” co-founder (and mom) Danielle Raynor tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies. “They moisturize, as well as, reduce inflammation and create a healthy barrier against dryness.”

Which is key, since baby skin is five times thinner than that of adults so it absorbs chemicals (and nutrients!) that much faster. And since some natural products can cause allergies, Raynor and partner Laura DiGirolamo made sure to test all of their formulas “rigorously,” just in case.

Some key ingredients include noni juice, a Polynesian botanical known for its healing antioxidant properties, and organic calendula, which aids in rapid recovery of wounds and irritations.

Tina Fey and Ali Landry are already fans of the existing adult line, so Raynor can only imagine that mothers will be using the baby products on themselves, as well.

“I know I do!” she says. “Because it’s safe for all skin types, beautifully scented and smoothing.”


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